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Golden Boy

The best looking of the Marcus Children was Golden Boy . Nee-Nee despised him, so one year on his birthday, Nee-Nee bought him a fine blue baseball cap. It was blue and it had LA in golden letters on the crown. Golden Boy loved it. He wore it all the time. He would put it on in the morning and take off at night just before dinner. He liked the cap so much that he hung it in a special place on a hat hook by the washing machine in the pantry. He was very purposeful about it. 


The cap Nee-Nee gave him on his birthday was exactly Golden Boy’s size. What he did not know was that Nee-Nee actually bought him three caps, each exactly the same except they were three different sizes. The other two were a size larger and a size smaller. Every day Nee-Nee would slip out to the pantry and switch hats so Golden Boy was constantly wearing hats of different sizes. It is easy to see what happened when a boy wore hats of different sizes every day. He figured out that his head was shrinking and growing in the night. 

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