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Jay is a San Francisco based writer and


illustrator. He has written hundreds of stories.

You can read some at

Nine Digits is Jay's first novel.



Jay Duret

Recent Work:

Ordinary Life was selected by The Committee Room as the “Story of the Month” for June 2013

In "Ordinary Life," a brief story full of wry wit, an older man attempts to impart wisdom to a younger man. 

- The Committee Room Literary Review

Neck Business appeared in Work Literary Magazine in May 2013


"The two women were sitting at one of those high-hat tables in the open area in front of the bar. They were on stools that were so high their feet couldn’t touch the ground...."


The Girl Who Did Not Know What to Be was published in Fiction Vortex in April 2013

"I enjoyed the touch of nonsense-words, like a cosmic Jabberwocky poem, by Lewis Carroll. "

- Marilyn K. Martin

Sleep Apnea originally appeared in Folliate Oak Literary Magazine 

"Quite funny one! Refreshing, with an interesting approach to a discussion about a mustache. Engaging dialogues, and the bit "That is one of the worst stories I have ever heard.” made me smile."

- Christina Ar

Skipping Stones first appeared in the Green Briar Press.

I can skip stones. Not plonkety-plonk. I can make stones dance...

Path was published in the Stone Path Review

"As we get older," her tee shirt said, "we get faster in our youth".

Ashes first appeared in Gambling the Aisle

The foghorns had been sounding for three days.

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